Four Strategic Priorities: Preservation, Promotion, Protection and Partnership

As the Montana Heritage Commission, we believe:

  • In saving history through education and the preservation of buildings and collections.
  • That by working together with organizations who share our mission, and with membership and "friends" groups, we can better preserve important parts of Montana’s past.
  • That through education and interpretation, augmented by hands-on experiences, visitors can learn the value of preserving their heritage, and bring the past alive.
  • That heritage resources and private enterprise complement each other.
  • That development shall take into account the historic nature of the communities.
  • That Heritage Commission properties shall continue to be a living and authentic historic experience.
  • That sustainable funding is critical to the success of the Commission’s mission.
  • That heritage properties are precious public assets and that the public shares responsibility for supporting them.
  • That the decision to include additional heritage properties under the umbrella of our commission, must be based on sound economic analysis, addressing the ability of the commission to fiscally manage the responsibility.